22 Adorable & Awe-Inspiring Details We Learned About Yoo Ah In From His “I Live Alone” Guesting

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Who wouldn’t be excited for Yoo Ah In and his variety show guesting?

The premiere actor, who has been impressing viewers with both his film and television ventures, elated viewers with his recent I Live Alone guesting.

yoo ah in I live Alone

One of South Korea’s popular entertainment television programs, I Live Alone features single Korean celebrities captured in candid video stories. For its newest episodes, Yoo Ah In decorated the show with candid and astonishing glimpses of his usual life.

Here are astonishing details about Yoo Ah In revealed in his two-episode visit in I Live Alone.

1. He lives in a 3-storey house with rooftop.

Known for his artistic sense, Yoo Ah In opened the door of his house with three floors. He said there’s no particular concept, and he just ended adding up what pleases him every now and then. He also shared that he has moved 10 times prior to the house that he has now been living in the last five years.

The first floor of his house features the neat living and dining rooms plus modern kitchen. It also has a wine room and mini vegetable garden. In the second floor, a spacious work and play room is featured – which the artist said a place for him to have fun and relax. There’s also a dressing room near the play room as well as bathroom for his pet cats.

Lastly, the third floor highlights Yoo’s minimalist pristine bed room. It also houses his study room with plenty of books displayed reflecting the actor’s inquisitive mind. Aside from a rooftop for a refreshing break, he also has a basement garage for his electric car.

yoo ah in i live alone

2. He is a cautious person especially when expressing himself verbally.

When talking, he pauses a lot to process his thoughts. He is careful with words he utters which surprised the members of I Live Alone.

3. One of his life motivations while living in Seoul is the joy of getting a big house.

He also shared that he has moved 10 times prior to the house that he has now been living in the last five years. He came from Daegu to Seoul and has lived with his manager when he was a teenager.

Yoo Ah In confessed his nomadic living for 10 years was because he was not able to sustain the renting fee when he was young. He revealed losing the deposit money from rental, crashing to a friends house and the struggles of moving from one place to another. That spurred his desire to have a bigger house.

4. His art collection is neat, eccentric and attractive.

From various handicrafts, sculptures, paintings and more; Yoo Ah In ensures splendor and uniqueness are reflected in his art collection. He also relayed having penchant for Bali-inspired themes.

5. He is a member of an artist group.

Although currently resting from art activities with his group, the actor formed Studio Concrete five years ago. They have held exhibits with other artists, and worked together with different art collaborations.

6. He does not display the trophies from the acting awards he won.

Unlike most actors who typically set up a place to collate their achievements, Yoo Ah In interestingly does not have a space for his acting trophies. He explained how those would incite memories of his past which he feels awkward to.

Telling he used to hang photos of him when he was young because it made him happy, he inevitably outgrew it as he sought more comfortable time like an ordinary person.

Realizing too late that his quip about not really going overboard to flaunt through his picture or achievement, the members unitedly teased him. Chuckling, it dawned on him that he just made a strong point.

7. He keeps a water pitcher on his bedside table.

Like how typical elderly man needs bedside water, Yoo Ah In admitted waking up twice or thrice at night and he needed water for that.

8. He has two cats

Yoo Ah In is also dad to sphynx cats – Dobi and Jangbi, whom he believes to be both nimble and intelligent. He is endearingly convinced that Jangbi’s early-age training led to signs of it being a genius.

A friend of a friend came to his place and just left the two cats with him. He is a doting father who has invested time to learn about taking care of them. He also shared

9. He keeps a fridge dressing room.

As strange as it may be, Yoo’s reason of convenience for his weak knees made sense, especially since his kitchen is in the first floor.

10. He is a scatterbrain.

Aside from always forgetting where he put his mobile phone, he often leaves his things behind. That has been reflected in his video as he was seen going back and forth to the house to check if he has missed something.

11. He likes sunbathing.

Showing off a clear relaxing city view at the roof top of his house, he mentioned his love for sitting under the sun. When he’s filming, he refrain from sun exposure to take care of his skin. But he’s actually not the type who puts on sunscreen when going out.

yoo ah in I live Alone


12. He cleans his hair and face in one go

Randomly revealing natural routines of celebrity, I Live Alone discovered one for the actor, as he was seen washing his face and hair in one motion.

13. He has poor eyesight

Because of his bad eyesight, he is used to wearing contact lenses and can even put them without looking or just with one hand because he’s been wearing it for 10 years.

14. He has simple morning routine

Once Yoo Ah In wakes up, he drinks water, brush his teeth and tends on his pets’ litter. He then washes his hair and face, shave, put his lenses on, moisturize his face and check on his weight.

15. His computer desktop is filled with icons

The members of the show were awed when they see the computer desktop of the actor. All icons are there as he explained that he is not the type who likes to organize. He can only do it once a year.

16. He also looks up articles about himself

Earning laughs from the members and the actor himself, Yoo Ah In revealed that he also search his online presence making him a typical human. He said he checks at least three times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

17. He practices meditation

To aid his panic attacks, Yoo Ah In engages on a type of relaxation and workout. He cited Benedict Cumberbatch is also a known practitioner of the mind exercise which has been helping manage his mental health and sensitivity.

18. He is skilled in cooking Korean dishes

Living alone has led to Yoo Ah In being a master of his own kitchen. He is equipped with ample knowledge to cook traditional Korean dishes .

Strangely, the actor constantly paused pondering about his cooking path. He explained how he is good at cooking dishes one at a time, so he has to meticulously plan the perfect order to keep the balanced taste of the dishes. He also goes for a concept to enjoy his meal fully depending on his mood or weather.

19. He has mastered the idea of living alone

From small to big details of living alone, Yoo Ah In has bared his way of life. He acknowledged how he also felt lonely especially since Seoul is not his hometown, but he has eventually shrugged it.

As expected for an actor, his quiet happy time includes watching movies. He shared that playing his favorite movie scenes at slow speed lets him capture the emotions of it.

20. He goes for a regular weekly night walks

Just like a regular guy, Yoo Ah In went on for a refreshing neighborhood walk. He said he does it once or twice a week and he has given a peek of an awesome night view at his neighborhood.

21. His character in Secret Love Affair, is one that he got attached to immensely

Albeit working on various roles in different genres, Yoo remarked that his character as Sun Jae in Secret Love Affair is the one he can relate most as he is the epitome of innocence.

Throwing some comic punch, he added that Sun Jae’s drive to make a difference in the world resembled him the most that he didn’t even need to act. The members joked how they thought of Tae Oh in Veteran to be the character he did not have a hard time suiting up.

22. He makes a written record of his thoughts.

While sorting out his shoes and clothing as he is about to move out, he sat down and randomly wrote about the current state of his mind. He also left a lingering impression of how despite all the material things we can be happy about, those are bound to chain us.

Eventually, he has since learned how to get rid of that mentality. Thanking the temporary gratifying moment he got from having the material things he want, he is now more focused into improving his outlooks as a person living a decent life.

Unveiling his typical life in the show sheds numerous meaningful messages about how a single man like Yoo Ah In battle depression as well as how he has better himself through the years. His encouraging lessons on pushing forward as life goes on, and creating daily memories by doing what pleases you, teach a lot about setting one’s perspective right. He expressed well that feeling lonely is normal, and so is feeling happy.

Don’t miss out on an engrossing peek to the life of Yoo Ah In on Episodes 150th and 151st of MBC’s I Live Alone.

Photos: iMBC | Screencaps from VIU