17 Tweets That Explains Why SEVENTEEN’s Carats Can’t Trust Pledis

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Okay, Pledis. What’s really the deal with SEVENTEEN?

There was quite a frenzy on May 15 in Carat Land. SEVENTEEN was reportedly slated to make a comeback which was later that day denied by Pledis Entertainment as the boy group will focus on its Japanese debut this month.

However, when quiet and peace began to finally settle in Carat Land, Pledis decided to have a little fun and surprised the calm and collected fans of the boy group with a concert in South Korea.

The 2018 SEVENTEEN CONCERT ‘IDEAL CUT’ in Seoul will be held from June 29 to July 1 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

Although, the entertainment company did not really lie, Carats are once again thrown into frenzy and started having “trust issues” with the company.

Here are 17 tweets from Carats who got a bit overwhelmed by all the SEVENTEEN updates.

A bit of an overview

Morning started out quiet for Carats, but Pledis decided to spice things up and bam!

And gave Carats “trust issues”

Every time it still hurts. Kidding… or not.

Even Hoshi knows the taste of betrayal

We are utterly grateful to see S.Coups, Joshua, Jeonghan, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino in a concert but we will appreciate a bit of heads up next time so we won’t get our guard down, Pledis.

The8, Seungkwan, and Wonwoo probably get us too

Tag yourself. I’m Seungkwan!

Maybe S.Coups has warned us all along

Sometimes, it is really best to listen to our leader’s words. Thanks, S.Coups. This is noted.

We actually started to question our deeply rooted beliefs.

April Fool’s Day has become meaningless, to be honest.

We should have known back then.

At least the aesthetic that is “Don’t Wanna Cry” was born.

Laughter will probably be the best medicine here.


Yeah, we are definitely okay.

Just utterly speechless, completely broke, and assessing my financial capabilities. Seriously, when will it rain money?


How many kidneys will be sold this time? Kidding! Don’t sell your kidneys.


Finally found the perfect description of my life.

Our hearts are weak, please.

Too much love can kill you, they said.

Sometimes, the profanity is necessary.

Really, how the insert bad word are we supposed to calm down?

Buckle up, Carats!

We’re going to be ready, but actually please don’t do this to us. We’re Caratbroke, remember?

Still, if you have more bombs to drop, Pledis…

@ Pledis, yeah. Let’s get it over and done with.

But no matter how much we “distrust” Pledis (or how much our money hates us)

A true Carat will always support SEVENTEEN.

I mean, those guys want to do everything they could while they still can.

However, our most trusted Kwon Spo once said…

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