2NE1 photo shows the girls with sunglasses & showing off unique characteristics

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[The following is a direct translation of the article as it appeared on Nate via OSEN.]

Group 2NE1 has uploaded a picture that shows the group’s unique characteristics. Dara, from 2NE1, uploaded the picture on her m2day (a Korean social network service that is similar to twitter) saying:

“2NE1 in Okinawa! It was our first trip to Okinawa ~~ We enjoyed the stage so much~!!! The amazing responses from the audience!!! Okinawa sugoidesune~!!! ^.^ 2012 K-POP collection in Okinawa, nice effort everyone~!!!! Yea~!!! (picture originally from CL)”

On the 18th, the group participated in the ‘K Collection in Okinawa‘ and met with its Japanese fans.

In the picture, Dara wore a hat that makes an image of a witch and showed off her baby face wearing a cute facial expression. Likewise, Bom, CL, and Minzy showed off their small faces each wearing a pair of big sunglasses. As the youngest, Minzy made a ‘V’ with her fingers. Netizens who encountered this post said:

“Dara’s baby face, isn’t she 20 years old?”, “Thanks to you guys, it was fun in Okinawa”, “Even though it was a picture taken without any effort, 2NE1 is always 2NE1.”

2NE1 will be performing at the ‘GS & CONCERT‘ on the 21st in Seoul Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium.

Sources: (News & Pictures) – Nate , (Full post and picture) – Dara’s me2day, Translation – Sarah Park

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