A.C.E Made Christmas More Special With Their Lovely Carol Covers

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A.C.E warmed up the homes of fans with their beautiful Christmas covers.

What better present than your favorite idols covering some sweet Christmas carols? The A.C.E members presented special gifts for their fans, delivered through individual festive clips.


With the holiday season, idols aim to deliver a little extra joy to their fans. Boy group A.C.E picked to make their favorite CHOICE happy by covering various Christmas songs, all the while impressing with their impeccable vocals.

On December 25, five solo videos were uploaded on the group’s official YouTube channel. In addition to the carols they sang, the boys also answered a few questions related to the holiday.

When asked about their most memorable Christmas, both Chan and Donghun picked ones that included their fandom Choice. Jun shared about the mini toy car he got from Santa, while Byeongkwan picked the time when he received this tiny box compared to his brother’s large gift. WOW on the other hand talked fondly about the few times that it snowed during Christmas, making the holiday really memorable for him.

The members were also asked about the gift they would ask from Santa. To this, most of them immediately pointed out their wish for the end of the Corona threat.

As for something they personally would want to receive, Jun and Byeongkwan picked the option to travel. Donghun chose a traditional and sweet gift, as he described how he wants to decorate his house with ornaments and open presents with his loved ones.

WOW said he’d want a present that would make everyone happy and cure those who are sick. For Chan, he shared that he wants to live happily the following year.

The clips proceeded with the members singing to their Christmas carol choices. The artists showcased their beautiful vocals while delivering the holiday feel.

You can check out the members’ song picks and covers, along with the short cute interviews below!

Jun – Justin Bieber’s “Fa La La”

Chan – Justin Bieber’s “Christmas Love”

Kim Byeongkwan – Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me”

WOW – Michael Buble’s “Santa Baby”

Donghun – Taeyeon’s “This Christmas”

Video Source: A.C.E YouTube channel

Image credit: Beat Interactive