A.C.E. Presents A New Charm Through “Higher” Band Live Version For “Live Together Online Concert”

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A.C.E showcased perfect synergy during a Band Live performance of “Higher”.

The boys from A.C.E will be part of the upcoming Live Together Online Concert with MOFA, happening on July 31. Prior to the date of the actual event, a special pre-release was uploaded on YouTube of the five talented idols performing their latest track with a Live band accompanying them.

A.C.E Live Together

The members showcased their vocal harmony and brought a new charm to their already loved track. “Higher” is a song that depicts a sad event and the determination one holds after it.

The stage allowed the idols’ clear vocals to shine, all while showing their prowess as they enjoy their performance. Viewers awed at the splendid high notes and the Live skills of each member, proving them to be flawless performers.

A.C.E made its comeback with the mini-album SIREN:DAWN in June and has been working hard on promoting their new outstanding work. In particular, the idols showed a more mature side and portrayed their constant growth as artists.

The boys will be holding their second online concert SIREN’s CALL on July 10. After having such an intriguing comeback, this event will undoubtedly leave fans with more good memories as they share the day with their favorite boys.

Meanwhile, the Live Together Online Concert with MOFA will take place on July 31 at 11 AM KST. “Live Together” is a joint campaign of MOFA(the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea) and UNESCO to unite against racism and promote solidarity and embracement.

For the online concert, K-Pop artists will perform together to show their commitment to diversity and tolerance.

It will feature names such as A.C.E, MONSTA X, Dynamic Duo, Brave Girls, Ailee, Tiger JK, Jung SeungHwan, Insooni, Lee Nalchi, ASTRO’s Jinjin and PENTAGON’s Kino.

Source: MOFA_KOREAZ YouTube