Actress Kim Soeun’s Pepero Day photos uploaded

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Actress Kim Soeun‘s cute photos with Pepero were revealed trough her Twitter account. On the afternoon of November 10, Kim Soeun posted on her twitter along with the photos:

“Tomorrow is Pepero Day! Please accept Princess SookHui’s Peperos~ and please continue to love our Horse Doctor drama.”

In the photos that were revealed, Kim Soeun was wearing a hanbok (Korean traditional dress), holding Peperos in both hands with a cute pose toward the camera.

Currently starring in MBC Monday-Tuesday drama series Horse Doctor, Kim Soeun is playing the role of Princess SookHui working well with actor Jo Seungwoo (playing Baek Gwanghyun). The fans who saw the photo left comments such as:

“There is no choice but to love the Princess SookHui Kim Soeun.”

“Kim Soeun so pretty.”

“I will watch Horse Doctor.”

You can watch Horse Doctor every Monday and Tuesday night at 9:55pm on MBC. Follow her for more updates on her Facebook and Twitter.

Sources: (News+Photo) – The Star

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