AOA’s Win On Music Bank Rigged?

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Could it be an error, or a ‘manipulation’?


On the recent episode of Music Bank, netizens have pointed out and speculated if the recent win by AOA was rigged.


Jessica was noted to come in first in term of album sales of nearly 40,000 copies sold, followed by AOA at a little over 20,000 sold, then MONSTA X at the third place slightly under 20,000 sold.

Through comparison, although Jessica’s album sold nearly double of AOA’s, the difference of the aggregate score came just to 300 points, at 1,900 and 1,600 respectively. As for MONSTA X, it scored 900, which is a whopping difference of 700 points despite of a small difference in the album sales.

The glaring discrepancy in the album sales is causing an outrage, with fans calling it unfair to the affected artists. Fans also claimed that based on the current calculation method, AOA should only receive 1,060 points, instead of 1,600 points. Fans are calling out Music Bank for ‘manipulating’ the scores for AOA’s win.

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Looking at the marginal difference of the total scores between AOA and TWICE, if this discrepancy is true, the latter would have won instead of AOA.

What do you think of this? Is this an error, or a ‘manipulation’ for AOA to win over TWICE?

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