ARMYs Celebrate #WorldwideJINius Day

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BTS Jin is way more than his pretty face, and ARMYs are making sure everyone knows through this tag.

If you’ve been following Twitter for awhile, you may have seen the #WorldwideJINius tag make rounds on your timeline every February. The hashtag is meant to celebrate Jin’s graduation from Konkuk University, two years ago today!

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(image via Big Hit Entertainment)

The tag, a play on Jin’s “Worldwide Handsome” title, highlights his excellent performance and his drive to graduate from university, despite his hectic schedule with BTS.

This man’s genius is evident way before he went to university! Jin’s admission to Konkuk University is something that ARMYs draw inspiration from, as he was the first person in his high school to be admitted to a university.

Despite his stellar academic performance, ARMYs also share how Jin is a lot like a regular student like the rest of us— having awkward moments that involve walking into the wrong classrooms sometimes.

Aside from highlighting Jin’s many achievements during university, ARMYs also share how Jin inspires them to get through school and graduate! Many ARMYs note how they draw strength from Jin’s own experiences when they struggle with their academic workload.

No matter the occasion, we’ll always be proud of Jin and his various achievements, academic or otherwise! We too can’t wait to see him graduate from his masters— and celebrate it alongside ARMYs.