ARMYs Write And Compose Songs, Dedicated To BTS

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We hope that this article will reach to BTS.

Fans of Korean boy group BTS have expressed love for the septet with their self-written and self-composed songs.

ARMYs 아미코드 (Army Code) and 김꾹 (Kim Guk) recently uploaded their personal creations 보라해  (Bo Ra Hae) and Only One respectively on YouTube. Both fans wrote, arranged, and composed the songs, which are garnering positive reactions from their fellow ARMYs.

아미코드 uploaded the song 보라해 on 25 December 2016, and has since garnered over 140,000 views at the time of the writing. 보라해, according to the composer, means ARMYs and BTS will love each other forever.

A sweet piano tune accompanied the heartfelt lyrics of the song. The opening line of the song, “When the moments we spent together feel close to me like a breath, I realize again how much your existence comforts me”, has been translated into eight languages from its original Korean lyrics.

보라해 speaks of wanting to convey the person’s love to the other, and how the other’s existence, words and music bring comfort and strength to the person. It also expresses the person’s gratitude to the other for filling up her world and life, and hoping to be an unforgettable memory to the other as well.

A fellow ARMY Yoon Som provided the vocals for the song.

Another fan 김꾹 also showcased her creation by uploading a song Only One onto her personal YouTube channel on 31 December 2016. The video has since already hit more than 10,000 views. A melodic piano tune opened the song, and accompanied the emotional lyrics written by 김꾹 and sang by another ARMY, Eseu. The song began with a recollection of the memories shared between two person, and the person’s promise to be with the other even in the darkness.

Only One sends a message of the other being an important being in the life of the person. It also expresses a vow to be the person’s support and strength, and to rise higher together in the fulfillment of the shared dream.

Fellow ARMYs have sent in positive feedback on the two songs. They also expressed their intention to sing the songs in BTS’s concerts and events, and hope the septet will be able to hear the songs themselves.

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