ATEEZ Exceeds Ten Million Views On YouTube For Their Legendary “The Black Cat Nero” Cover

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Months after its release, ATEEZ still has us singing “nero, nero, nero” as their iconic cover of Turbo’s “The Black Cat Nero” surpasses ten million views on YouTube!

ATEEZ surpassed ten million views on YouTube for their cover of Turbo’s “The Black Cat Nero”. The group posted a performance video of the track as a Halloween gift to fans. Furthermore, ATEEZ performed the iconic track during their appearance on KBS2’s Immortal Masterpiece – Kim Jongkook X Turbo, winning the episode.


ATEEZ’s rendition of the song and its accompanying video impressed fans. The cover portrayed the group’s signature, unmatchable stage charisma while delivering a theatrical production. In particular, the members’ impeccable acting and facial expressions captivated viewers during the eerie cover.

Additionally, the original singer of the track, Kim Jongkook, made a surprise appearance in the video and danced with the group. The artists garnered immense attention online for their collaboration. As a result, the video ranked fourth in YouTube’s Trending Worldwide list and topped Twitter’s real-time trends in 30 countries.

As of late, ATEEZ continues an admirable streak of jam-packed schedules. Between acting, MC-ing, concert schedules, and their participation in the competition show Kingdom, the group is proving their professionalism and wide range of talents.

As their older content, such as “The Black Cat Nero” performance video, continues to gain achievements long after their original releases, ATEEZ depicts their continued surge of popularity.

Moreover, the group recently surpassed 2 million subscribers on their official YouTube channel. ATEEZ’s music video for “WONDERLAND”, the track featured during one of their stages on Kingdom, is on its way to reaching 100 million views.

Meanwhile, fans can keep up with the group during their weekly performances on Mnet’s Kingdom. Additionally, Yunho, Seonghwa, San, and Jongho will make their acting debuts in KBS’s Imitation, premiering May 7.

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Image and Video Source: KQ Entertainment