ATEEZ Impressively Exceeds 10 Million MV Views For “THANXX” In Less Than A Day

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Boy group ATEEZ shows its immense popularity by breaking another of its own records.

ATEEZ boys have proved once again that they deserve to be in the spotlight and be loved by fans. The group’s latest music video is the concrete evidence to prove this fact.


On August 24, the boys released the video for “THANXX” at midnight and reached 10 million views in 21 hours. In celebration, an image was uploaded on the idols’ official social media accounts, containing a message of gratitude.

Last month, the group achieved more records through the release of the album ZERO: FEVER Part. 1. In particular, the music video for “INCEPTION”, which was released at the same time, surpassed 10 million views in just 23 hours.

In addition, according to Hanteo Chart on August 24, ATEEZ topped the Weekly Global Chart for three consecutive weeks. The group also maintained its No.1 position on the daily global rankings for 18 days, from August 5 to 22.

Also, “THANXX” topped the voting for “Artist and song supported the most in the 4th week of August”, conducted by global K-Pop fandom platform “Whosfan”. They became the first artist to win number 1 in three “Whosfan” votes.

ATEEZ’s “THANXX” begins with Latin guitar lines, leading the atmosphere of yet another enticing track by the group. It is a song which contains witty lyrics and colorful rapping.

Check out “THANXX” and its music video below!

Source: Sports Donga, KQ Entertainment

Image credit: KQ Entertainment