ATEEZ Premieres A New Original Series With UNIVERSE Called “Pirate Reboot: The Five Treasures”

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ATEEZ announce “the pirates are back” during their brand new original series with UNIVERSE called Pirate Reboot: The Five Treasures

ATEEZ unveil a brand new original series with the K-Pop fandom platform, UNIVERSE. Titled, Pirate Reboot: The Five Treasures, the entertainment show will showcase the members’ incredible reasoning skills throughout every episode. The first episode premiered at 10 AM KST on March 22, exclusively through the UNIVERSE app. 


NCsoft Co., Ltd. and KLAP stated, “The first episode of UNIVERSE’s original entertainment series Pirate Reboot: The Five Treasures starring ATEEZ first released at 10 AM today.”

The new show features ATEEZ’s eight members, Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho in a pirate-themed broadcast. The episodes display the members’ various charms as they proceed on a pirate’s journey through the open seas and in the forest.

The initial teaser poster drew immense support from fans who enjoyed their transformation into a band of pirates.


The Start of The Journey

The premiere episode displays the group participating in a scoundrel fight. In the show, ATEEZ is a space pirate group taken care of by “C”. Together, they run a guesthouse on Earth called Wonderland upon the confiscation of their pirate license. During cleaning, the group found a mysterious box, raising questions about their following journey. 

UNIVERSE’s original series with ATEEZ will display the members’ sharp thinking skills and quick reasoning. Global audiences can enjoy a thrilling series, following the group as they attempt to regain their honor by recovering a pirate license after successfully completing missions sent by E.S.C.

The various series from UNIVERSE fall under the name UNIVERSE ORIGINALS. The shows display the unique charismas of K-Pop artists within UNIVERSE’s conceptual worldview. Currently, AB6IX’s The Birth of Four Gods: THE BEGINNING, receives immense views and support from fans. 

Meanwhile, ATEEZ’s Pirate Reboot: The Five Treasures will include ten episodes, airing every Monday and Wednesday at 10 AM KST exclusively on the UNIVERSE app. 

Fans can keep up to date with UNIVERSE content on its website and social media: 

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PR, Image, and Video Source: KLAP

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