ATEEZ Wooyoung Selected As Studio Choom’s “Artist Of The Month”

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Jung Wooyoung of ATEEZ will become Studio Choom’s first male fourth-generation artist highlighted in its Artist Of The Month feature!

ATEEZ continues to demand attention with their impressively stacked schedule. Member Wooyoung becomes Studio Choom’s first male fourth-generation artist to be featured in its Artist Of The Month segment, highlighting idols’ dancing skills. However, it would be insufficient to label Wooyoung as only a dancer in the group.

Wooyoung, like his fellow ATEEZ members, shows unlimited capabilities in vocals, visuals, acting, and entertainment. Yet, the honor is an especially apt fit for the artist who displays unparalleled dance abilities. In particular, the idol shows a unique awareness of his style and movements, pushing himself to continually soar to impossibly greater heights.


The results of his efforts are clear, showcasing passionate skills backed by his meticulousness and warm dedication. As such, Wooyoung continues to dominate the stage during ATEEZ performances. The artist also keeps fans updated on his dance journey through personal covers posted on the group’s SNS. 

Now, the artist will provide fans with deeper insight into his love for dance.

During the teaser for his upcoming feature, Wooyoung disclosed that he prepared a routine for Christopher’s “Bad”. The routine will depict his clean discipline and seductive charisma. Moreover, the teaser provides a closer look at Wooyoung’s incredible facial expressions, a skill that continually sets ATEEZ in general apart in the industry. 

Fans will see this fervor for dance reflected in various behind-the-scenes clips, illustrating his devoted process. Additionally, the artist talks about how dance brings him happiness. ATINY can look forward to seeing this joy illuminating Wooyoung’s entire feature as the artist maintains an excited grin and a sparkle in his eye for the art of dance. 

Wooyoung’s full “Artist Of The Month” video will release on June 20 at 11 PM KST on Studio Choom’s YouTube channel.

Check out the teaser for Wooyoung’s Artist Of The Month feature now:

Image and Video Source: Mnet