Poll Shows BgA Should Debut Into Korea + ‘I Have To Take A S**T’ Continues To Top iTunes Chart

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BgA, your fans have spoken.


Traditionally, it would be a busy week for all freshly debuted K-pop idols, but it’s not really so for the latest rookie boy band in town, BgA (Boys Generally Asian).

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After sending an online sensational wave on Friday the 13th this month with ‘I Have To Take A S**T’ music video, except for a few social posts, BgA is quite unlike the standard K-pop groups, which would have embarked aggressively on a series of promotional showcases, appearances, and events.

However, it seems that BgA doesn’t need much promotional activities for now. On Friday, the new band succeeded in beating all big K-pop names on iTunes chart within half day, including BTS. It has since continued its unbeatable reign on top of iTunes chart, and it’s still on top from the last update on Sunday.

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According to a recent online poll conducted by, readers are asked ‘if BgA should debut into Korea’.

At time of writing, a total of 2,812 responses have been collected. Out of the total number of votes, 1,861 votes (66%) are highly favourable of BgA debuting into Korea. The respondents believe the band is talented, and “would love to see them on Music Bank, MAMA, etc”. Only a small minority of 289 votes (10%) believe the band “can’t hold a candle to the mainstream idols.” Meanwhile, 662 responses (24%) are still not sure about BgA, and whether the band is really going onto the path of K-pop stardom.

Editor note: As a long-time industry observer since June 2010, hellokpop believes should BgA succeed in breaking into Korea, it might dramatically influence and increase new K-pop fans worldwide, as the Asian American members originally already amassed thousands of thousands non-Kpop followers on social media for their own respective careers.

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