Big Bang’s Taeyang pranks fans, Tweets that he has a girlfriend

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Taeyang has been on a roll, or rather a troll, on Twitter. Fans are often delighted that the Big Bang singer even Tweets in English to begin with, but he made some of their hearts stop when he suddenly confessed the following:



This caused VIPs all over the world to either get into an emotional fit or congratulate him with the fact the I Need A Girl singer finally got a girl. Speculating commenced almost immediately, and he quickly re-posted these Tweets in Korean so that his Korean followers could understand as well. By this point VIPs had lost their heads, Tweeting Taeyang to tell them who she is, so he Tweeted the following shortly after.


The links go back to his Instagram account, and reveal pictures of an animated girl. &



Sighs of relief came out of VIPs when they realized Taeyang was ‘trolling’ them, or making a joke. He even commented about how he should’ve made this joke last longer. But some VIPs has been commenting that the girl in the drawing looks a lot like Jennie Kim, one of YG Entertainment’s former mystery girls, who will soon debut with YG’s new girl group and make an appearance in G-Dragon‘s new music video, That XX. 



He ended the small controversy with a loving tweet confirming VIPs’ love for him.


What do you think? Were you happy for Taeyang or sad? And do you think the drawing looks like Jennie Kim?

Sources: News & feature photo – Taeyang’s Twitter; Translation – @LueKim; latter photo – Hellokpop via YG-Life

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