BIGBANG’s Members Say ‘I Love You’ To Each Other

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BIGBANG is close like a family’s members!

On October 15, G-Dragon posted a photo, which featured an intimate conversation among BIGBANG‘s members via chat room, on his personal Instagram.


(G-Dragon official Instagram)

First of all, Taeyang confessed his love to T.O.P, by texting: “I love you brother.”

Right after that, G-Dragon replied: “I love you brother. Youngbae, love me too.”

T.O.P expressed his surprise by asking a question: “Why are you like this all of a sudden,” then, Daesung continued series of ‘love confession’ messages: “I love you guys, you are so important to me.”

Finally, G-Dragon completed the conversation by displaying his affection to Daesung and Seungri. He wrote: “Daesung I love you, you are very passionate. Seungri I love you, that’s too much.”

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is currently busy preparing for its new album, which is expected to be unveiled in November.

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