Block B Practices Hard For Upcoming U.S Tour

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It will be Block B’s second time to America this year, but the boys do not let themselves loose – they continue to practice hard for their upcoming U.S tour 2015 Block B US Tour <Blockbuster> this month.

Following the group’s first visit for KCON in June, Block B will head to America this November to meet its fans again through a new tour organised by SubKulture Entertainment. The boys are set to have two shows in California’s San Francisco and Los Angeles on November 11 and 15 respectively, and one show in Chicago on the 13th.


On November 9, a photo of the boys dressing in casual outfits and rehearsing zealously in the studio was revealed via Block B’s official Twitter and Facebook with the caption: “Block B is practicing hard for the U.S tour. See you in US TOUR~.” Fans can look forward to the coming tour as it seems like Block B will bring cool and passionate stages to their beloved fans.

(Editing by Yoon Ha)

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