Block B’s Kyung lost a game and got punished on his birthday

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Block B‘s Kyung celebrated his 20th birthday (international age) on the 8th of July. Kyung tweeted that for the celebration JaehyoP.O and Kyung himself would play a round of the board game Blue Marbles he received. The loser had to upload a video of himself dancing. But after a moment, they decided to change the punishment. Now the loser had to upload a video of himself dancing when getting hit by water.

The fans waited anxiously for the result and Kyung finally uploaded the clip of the loser. Unfortunately, the birthday boy lost the game. In the clip, Jaehyo first started splashing water right into Kyung ‘s face. Followed by P.O having water in his mouth and spit it into his face. The boys surely had a fun time.

Here is the link of the tweets translations if you want to read them. Happy Birthday to Kyung! Check out the clip below:

And here are some of the pictures they took:


Video: blockbkyung @twitter

Photo: caca-care, blockbkyung(1, 2)

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