Fans Take To Twitter Expressing Gratitude For BTOB’s Contract Renewal

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Melodies, the name representing BtoB’s fandom, have been taking Twitter by storm to express gratitude for the boys’ contract renewal.


Photo Credit: @OFFICIALBTOB (Twitter)

BtoB is staying together! Renewed contracts mean staying together, and staying together means more memories ahead of us!

Following reports that all seven members have agreed on continuing partnership with Cube Entertainment, Melodies are celebrating in Twitter to express their gratitude.

Said contract renewal is a milestone for the group’s journey, and music career, as they have survived the informally-dubbed “7-year jinx”. The “7-year jinx” refers to a popular terminology in K-Pop defining groups that disband upon reaching their first contract renewal.

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Melodies’ Tweets come in a huge variety, some reminiscing about the past and others discussing the future. Regardless, all forms represent their gratitude for the members’ decision to stay together. Some of the Tweets are as follows:

Some also trended #비투비는재계약멜로디는_재장전, which roughly translates into “BTOB renewed, Melodies reloaded.” Said hashtag became number one trending in Korea earlier today.

BtoB debuted in 2012 under Cube Entertainment, and has released three studio albums to date. On top of being musically active, the members have also been consistently appearing on variety shows, dramas, and musicals.

The seven-member group has also gained praise, mainly for being humble and friendly to fellow celebrities and friends.