#FrontOrBack: The Optical Illusion That Has ARMYs Everywhere Perplexed

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The first teaser video for “Boy With Luv” has raised many questions about BTS’ upcoming comeback. The biggest of which… is front or back?

ARMYs everywhere are rejoicing as BTS released the first teaser for their title track, “Boy With Luv”! This upcoming pop retro-themed song is a collaboration with American singer Halsey, who also appears in the teaser.

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(screengrab via BigHit Entertainment)

Their joy, however, is short-lived as they notice an optical illusion at the end of the teaser. When the boys turn around to face the “Love” neon sign, ARMYs noticed how Jimin seemed to turn in the opposite direction of his bandmates — yet end up with his back faced to the camera. Many turned to Twitter in the hopes of getting answers. Instead, their questions confused many and birthed the now trending hashtag: front or back?

Lots of people are still trying to make sense of Jimin’s tricky footwork, despite their eyes playing tricks on them. Looking at the video repeatedly seems to make people more confused!

Many are convinced that Jimin did turn in the opposite direction of his band mates…

…while some are trying their best to convince everyone that Jimin did indeed turn backwards like his bandmates did.

Other ARMYs are convinced that Jimin somehow did both because, hey, it is Jimin we are talking about here.

Some are convinced that this illusion is the result of bad editing — or maybe a weird addition to the Bangtan Universe that ARMYs have somehow overlook.

No matter their stance, the #FrontOrBack debate reminded ARMYs of the infamous dress debacle that confused many back in 2015!

Fortunately for ARMYs, there are users like JiminUncut who try their best to explain the illusion by taking a look at Jimin’s technique! Through a blow-by-blow analysis of the now infamous video, the account explains why Jimin’s movement looks like an illusion.

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