BTS Launches Global Real-Life Puzzle Search #ARMYPEDIA & ARMYs All Over The World Are Losing It

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It’s like a BTS version for Pokemon Go – except what ARMYs have to do is find puzzle pieces related to the group!

BTS had everyone scrambling to go outdoors after announcing the launch of ARMYPEDIA, an interactive puzzle search, on February 21.

Photo from ARMYPEDIA

After the website called ARMYPEDIA surfaced and made rounds on social media, fans immediately went out on a journey to unlock the surprises it holds. ARMYPEDIA’s interactive concept brought 2,080 puzzle pieces into being hidden on the Internet and in several cities all around the world for fans to find.

Every puzzle piece matches with a date in BTS and ARMYs’ history, and contains a QR code. Once scanned, it brings a quiz question about the group which, if answered correctly, will unlock the date. ARMYs can then post something about the group with relation to the date on its card, and these posts can be given a purple heart by their fellow fans.

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The posts with the most purple hearts get to be named the “Top Memory” for that day, and once ARMYs unlock all 2,080 dates, the website will be completed, and endows special rewards to fans who participated depending on their level in the game.

“From their debut on June 13, 2013 to today, BTS has been together with ARMY for almost 2,100 days. ARMYPEDIA is a special chronicle of the memories of ARMY’s journey together with BTS over each and everyone of those unforgettable days,” the website stated.

Although BigHit Entertainment has yet to make a formal announcement about its connection to the site, the company had already reportedly applied for ARMYPEDIA’s logo copyright.

Fans’ reactions

ARMYPEDIA will be officially launched on February 25 and is set to run until March 24. However, fans have already been scrambling all around the world to find the hidden puzzle pieces – and here are our favourite reactions to it:

Besides the clowning though, ARMYs had also been sharing how this interactive game is actually an amazing and meaningful project from BTS – and yes, we agree!

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Oh, and by the way? ARMYs had already found several of the puzzle pieces – amazing, right?

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