BTS’ V Brings Amazing Interactions With Fellow Photographers, Inspires Fans To Share Their Own Masterpieces

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BTS’ V and his alter-ego Vante’s ultimate masterpiece continues to be none other than his mission of making people happy with art.

BTS’ V must be brimming with happiness as his love for art and photography bring cute interactions with his fellow artists and inspire others to show their masterpieces as well.

Photo From Naver x Dispatch

The resident BTS art lover has moved and inspired the world once again with his sweet shoutouts to fellow artists, whom he showed appreciation to as a photographer himself.

He recently gushed over several pieces by landscape photographers from all over the world, giving recognition to their works and letting more people realize how talented they are.

Bringing a visual delight to fans’ feeds, the three sets of photos V shared were from Johannes Becker, Alex Strohl, and Callum Snape.

Cute Interactions

This special and touching act from the singer, whose popularity and influence reaches globally, were able to catch the eyes of the three, of course.

Strohl noticed the singer’s shoutout and gave love back by liking and retweeting V’s tweet on the BTS account – along with a reply where he expressed his gratitude.

Becker responded as well by tweeting another landscape photo with the hashtag #PhotosForVante as its caption. He also tweeted, “Your photos are great btw! Feeling very honored. Let me know when you come to Germany!”, to the BTS Twitter account.

After the interaction with V, the Germany-based photographer also sweetly added a purple heart emoji -which is a special symbol for ARMYs and BTS – on his Instagram profile.

Additionally, it has been over three years since Becker last came to Twitter, with his last post dating back to 2016 prior to his interactions with V.

Meanwhile, Snape gushed about the singer’s shoutout and replied “Come to Canada and I’ll show you some bears, deer, moose, and beavers”, which pertained to the animals featured in the photos he took that V shared.

The singer then gave him a holler back by writing, “Korean landscape is also very nice. I hope you have a chance to take the picture of it.”

The Vancouver-based photographer then responded by recounting his memories from his last visit in Korea happily – of course, with a beautiful photo to boot too!

Snape also posted a screenshot of V’s tweet on his Instagram stories, expressing his delight over the BTS member sharing his photos.

Screengrab from Callum Snape’s Official Instagram Account

Heart-warming Fan Response

These cute interactions between V, Becker, Strohl, and Snape were not missed by fans, of course. The hashtag #PhotosForVante immediately took the number one spot on Twitter’s Worldwide Trends.

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Related hashtags like #PhotosForTaehyung and keywords like Kim Taehyung, Taehyung, and V also emerged on the Worldwide Trending list, along with “Hannes Becker” who also gained over 41,000 followers on Instagram within 30 minutes.

He and Snape also happily interacted with ARMYs as well, who expressed appreciation over the beautiful photos that V shared, as they deeply warmed everyone’s hearts.

Moreover, fans also sweetly shared landscape photos they took with the hashtag #PhotosForVante, showing just how much V’s love for art had moved and inspired so many to proudly share their works.

Source: Twitter, Instagram


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