Day6 Members Create Each Other In “The Sims 4” With Buzzfeed Multiplayer

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K-Pop band, Day6, stopped by Buzzfeed to create themselves on The Sims 4. It looked like they had a lot of fun.

Right in the middle of their world tour, Day6 made the time to greet their friends at Buzzfeed. In the process, they managed to unwind and have fun creating each others Sims. The group agreed to make Sungjin aka Bob the Builder and Jae aka Chicken Little.

Day6 Day6

With Jae controlling the tools, they had difficulty building the right face. Sungjin even pointed out exact details of his features to help Jae.


Young K sarcastically remarked if Jae actually knows what Sungjin looks like, earning laughs from all of the members. In the end, Jae passed the controls to Wonpil and it seemed like he knows what he’s doing. It looked like someone played the game before.

Day6 Day6

They explored the limitless possibilities in the creative section of the game. Day6 ventured into different clothing, hairstyles and even skin tones.



In the end, they settled for a dapper looking Sungjin and a throwback look for Jae, bringing him back 6 years younger during the time of K-Pop Star.

Day6 Day6

My Days who play Sims can access the band’s characters on BFGameSquad in The Sims 4. Have fun playing with Day6!

Watch the rest of the video below.

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