10 Adorably Iconic Tweets Of Day6′ Jae

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We love your tweets, Jae. We really do. Who does not?

DAY6 Jae

Photo Credits: JYP Entertainment

On stage, Jae is that amazing vocalist and guitarist. Off stage, however, he is just like every single one of us – loves food, cracks those tiny little jokes, and recommends songs. And his Twitter account is a solid witness of it. So let us appreciate 10 of Jae’s most iconic tweets – from his funny tweets, song recommendations, to deep thoughts.

1. One of those Jae’s “love-hate” relationship with Wonpil.

2. See you at the Olympics, Jae!

Win that gold medal. We are all rooting for you.

3. Relatable much.

4. Okay, Jae.

5. Thank you for the hints. Much needed.

6. This tweet successfully encouraged a good discussion on the replies section.

Not only a good discussion, but several memes too. Check the replies out.

7. We love being supportive.

Because friends support friends, right?

8. You are welcome. You really are.

9. Time to go all technical.

But we doubt it is practical, though.

10. Looking forward to that collaboration.

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