Day6’s Jae Jams Out To Zico’s ‘Eureka’

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Fans just can’t get enough of Zico’s charismatic rap and addictive rhythms, and it seems that some of his hoobaes think so too!

Day6’s Jae recently posted on his personal Instagram a short video of him jamming wildly to Zico’s Eureka (featuring Zion.T). His relatable reaction to the track has garnered over 28 thousand likes at the time of writing. With the hashtags: #FoundMyNewSong #Didn’tTakeMyMedicineThisMorning #StickItToTheMan, fans can see how much Jae has enjoyed Zico’s new song.

Watch the MV for Eureka, a track of Zico’s recently released Gallery solo EP, below:

(Editing by Yoon Ha)

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