ENHYPEN Reaches One Million Twitter Followers In Only 10 Days! #MillionLoveForENHYPEN

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Who is ENHYPEN? Meet the pre-debut group that has just reached one million twitter followers in only 10 days.

After only 10 days since the formation, upcoming K-pop boy group ENHYPEN has reached one million Twitter followers on the social media!

The group’s lineup was officially unveiled during the last episode of I-LAND, the trainee survival program which was launched by BELIFT LAB, the joint venture of CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment.

Despite their reveal to the world, ENHYPEN is still a pre-debut group that has yet to release music of its own. However, the momentous support the group has already received is an indication that when their formal debut does occur, the seven-member group will take the industry by storm.


For those who missed viewing the run of I-LAND, ENHYPEN’s meteoric rise may come as quite a shock.

However, over the course of the series, the seven young members captivated hearts across the globe. While ENHYPEN boasts their individual charms, it is endearing to witness a similar bright-eyed eagerness in each member. Moreover, though all members proved their determination to achieve their dream of becoming an idol, it is equally obvious that each boy has the talent to back it up.

The Members

ENHYPEN consists of seven multi-national boys spanning from regions of Korea, Australia, and Japan. They range from ages 14-18, the oldest being Heeseung, followed by Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Niki.

The group’s eldest, Heeseung, coined the “ace” for his all-around talent, impresses with his vocal stability and attention to detail in dancing. Meanwhile, Jay gained incredible support from viewers for his relentless pursuit of debuting and for his impactful stage presence.

Jake is Australian and notably had the most improvement during I-LAND, impressing fans with his earnest dedication and cute charms. Fans admired Sunghoon, the “ice prince”, for his switch from the career path of figure skating to being an idol, and his consistent strength throughout his performances.

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN’s maknae line similarly blew audiences away with their skills and hard work. Member Sunoo constantly radiated positivity, enthralling viewers with his diverse performance expressions and stage charisma.

Jungwon also gained support by showcasing the duality between his bright personality and his steady vocals and fierce popping. Last but not least, the group’s youngest member named Niki hails from Japan and may emerge as the group’s main dancer with his astonishing talent.

While ENHYPEN received momentous support on Twitter following ILAND, fans also warmly welcomed them on other SNS channels. The boys have also gained a sizable 2.95 million followers on Big Hit’s community platform, Weverse. Additionally, their VLIVE channel is approaching one million followers.

Meanwhile, the boys are staying busy, connecting with their ever-growing fandom. Fans can keep up with ENHYPEN as they are set to launch various content in celebration of Chuseok holiday on SNS.

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Image Source: BELIFT LAB