ENHYPEN Showcases Adorable Charms In “Not For Sale” Dance Performance Video

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ENHYPEN continues to spoil fans with fresh content to indulge on by unveiling a fun-filled and energetic video in conjunction with their latest “Drunk-Dazed” comeback!

Rookie boy group ENHYPEN has recently gifted fans with a dance performance video for their smooth and soothing b-side track “Not For Sale.”

Released on May 15, the boy group sweetly demonstrated their irresistible charms and their magnificent dancing skills in a video dedicated to global ENGENEs.

Exhibiting the message of their latest lovely b-side track “Not For Sale” from their latest album BORDER: CARNIVAL, the boys caught the attention of spectators with their captivating moves. Their facial expressions are lively and vibrant enough to brighten up your gloomy days. 

Matching the soft vibe of the song, the group’s top-tier visuals are shining all throughout the video. The idols’ beaming and lovely smiles can also instantly lift up everyone’s mood. 


When it comes to gestures, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-Ki exhibited powerful yet mesmerizing energy. Through their precise dance motions and overflowing synchronization, the boy group further made many heads turn.

As they groove behind a cute set from their latest Mini Olympics series posted on YouTube, the boys’ charisma was overflowing, which makes them more admirable as a group. You can see their hard work given how they were able to hit every beat correctly and accurately while maintaining a lovely and enthralling aura.

While sporting matching light blue sporty outfits, the group further demonstrated their rookie power and why they deserve the feats they have attained during this iconic comeback.


Released at the end of April, the calming dance-pop track gives off a soothing and refreshing vibe through its clear melody. The catchy chorus is enough to make people get off their feet and dance to the intoxicating rhythm.

What’s more, is that the song was able to highlight all members’ applaudable skills in singing. It can also instantly pass as ENGENEs new favorite song apart from their title track.

Matching the endearing sound of the song, the lyrics express a person’s feelings about meeting someone for the first time. 

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN is expected to continue promoting their latest title track “Drunk-Dazed” on various music shows in South Korea.

Check out ENHYPEN’s dance performance video for “Not For Sale” below:

Source: ENHYPEN’s Official YouTube Account

Photos from Be:Lift Lab