EXO-Ls Worldwide Voice Out Massive Love And Support For EXO’s Chen In Various Offline Events And Projects

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EXO’s Chen has received lots of love from EXO-Ls worldwide who gathered to express their support towards him and his upcoming marriage as the majority.

EXO-Ls from different parts of the world banded together to show their love and support for EXO’s Chen – especially with the announcement of his upcoming marriage making the headlines recently.

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Earlier in January, the EXO member announced his upcoming marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend whom he is also expecting a baby with.

As the news broke out, some Korean fans expressed their opposition towards Chen’s decision online, as well as through a physical protest by the SMTOWN Coex Atrium on January 19 and a LED truck stationed by the same place recently which had been removed immediately due to parking violations. Both of which had been demanding the EXO member’s withdrawal from the group due to his announcement – which unfortunately to them, a majority of international EXO-Ls had rebutted.

With a campaign titled “Global EXO-Ls In Support of EXO Chen/Kim Jongdae: We Are The Majority”, EXO-Ls from all around the world voiced out their continuing support to both the EXO member and his decision. Emphasizing that they respect the singer’s decision as it makes him happy, the campaign saw the gathering of various fans of the group all around the world to prove by numbers that the majority of fans are continuing to love and support Chen.


Filipino EXO-Ls took their support to the next level by holding fan gatherings in more than just one city, and with the large number of fans who attended to show their support to Chen, the huge fanbase of EXO in the Philippines proved to be an amazing percentage of the majority.


A huge number of fans also gathered in Peru to show that they will always be with Chen, whom they also thanked for lighting up their lives with his wonderful voice.


Fans in Italy also participated in the We Are The Majority campaign by gathering to show their never-ending support to the singer and the rest of EXO.


EXO-Ls in Argentina also held two events which both gathered a number of fans in the country who firmly voiced out that EXO is nine.


EXO-Ls in Turkey also prepared a special video to show how greatly they love and support Chen and his happiness.

Costa Rica

Fans in Costa Rica also put together a video to show them sporting their “Chen Stays” slogans to prove how a huge number of fans in the country also have utmost support for the idol.


A huge number of fans gathered in Mexico to show how huge the support for the singer and his recent decision has been among fans in the country.


EXO-Ls in Mumbai and Manipur also showed their outpouring love and support to the idol by spreading good vibes in their gatherings which both saw a lot of Indian EXO-Ls in attendance.


Fans in France also gathered up by the Eiffel Tower to show their massive love to the singer.


Along with expressing their continuing love and loyalty to Chen, EXO-Ls in Bangladesh also made sure to congratulate the idol on his upcoming marriage and fatherhood in the sweetest way possible.


Moreover, fans in Kenya expressed their utter excitement for what’s up ahead for Chen with the new chapter in his life as a husband and a father soon. They also wished him and his future new family the same happiness that he had given them.


Fans in Azerbaijan also made sure to show that they are always with Chen in a special and heartwarming video showing their non-stop support towards the idol.


The huge number of Indonesian EXO-Ls gathering to give their sincerest congratulations to the singer for his upcoming marriage took on “heartwarming” to the next level, especially as they stated that his happiness is also their happiness.

Moreover, Indonesian EXO-Ls also took on a water fountain project dedicated to the singer to further show their love and support.


EXO-Ls in Brazil also filled up the venue for their fan gathering event as they firmly expressed that they are one in loving and supporting Chen and the whole of EXO.


Fans in Ukraine also banded together to hold a sweet celebration of their love and support for Chen, especially with a beautiful new chapter in his life about to bloom soon.

Besides these offline protests, EXO-Ls also launched a petition to ask for SM Entertainment’s protection for Chen against the malicious comments, harassment, and online bullying being done towards him due to his recent marriage and fatherhood news. This petition, which can be found here, had gathered over 136,000 signatures already as of writing.

They had also voiced out their support to Chen with a hashtag protest on Twitter. Together with hashtags in Korean, the online fan protest also included tags like #Chen_Stays, #MyAnswerIsEXO9, and of course, #WeAreTheMajority, among others.

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