100 Days: “From Zero” By MONSTA X Enters iTunes Charts + Keywords And Hashtags For Wonho Trends On Twitter

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A hundred days without Wonho had definitely felt like an eternity already for Monbebes.

The Fight For Wonho officially reached its 100th day on February 8 – and Monbebes showed that they are still not backing down by making the MONSTA X member’s presence felt again on music charts and Twitter’s trending list.

monsta x wonho

“From Zero”, a song held dearly by both Monbebes and Wonho himself who penned its sweet lyrics and composed and arranged its music personally, shot up to the top five spot in the iTunes K-Pop music chart in various countries as fans marked down the day in their long-running fight.

It took on a high ranking in Singapore where it placed number one on the K-Pop charts and also appeared on number six at the overall top songs list. “From Zero” also peaked at number one in Brazil, number two in Russia and the Philippines, number four in the US, and number five in Saudi Arabia.

Other countries where it was able to land in the top 30 spot in the K-Pop charts included Indonesia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Thailand, among others.

It also showed up in the chart for all genres combined in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, and more.

The special hashtag #100DaysFightingForWonho also trended in various countries including South Korea, where several Wonho-related key phrases like “Our Wonho” and “Wonho No Reason” in Hangul also dominated the top trending list.

In addition to this, “From Zero” made it as one of the “hot” songs on Melon music charts for the day, showing the still-outpouring support for Wonho in the country.

Monsta x wonho

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These appearances on music charts and Twitter trending lists were just among the ways Monbebes are showing how their “fighter” hearts and spirits will never dwindle – even after passing the 100th-day mark of not having Wonho around and tenaciously voicing out their call to maintain MONSTA X as a septet.

Reminiscing the days they laughed and cried together through some of the beautiful and heartfelt thoughts that the singer had shared before, fans continued to express the same thoughts in Wonho’s masterpiece through their messages – especially the lines, “Hold my hand/ Don’t let go, hold tightly/ That’s how my love for you won’t fall off the cliff now/ Like the first time again”.