FTISLAND’s Honggi shuts down Twitter over fan comments

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FTISLAND’s lead singer Lee Honggi has unexpectedly shut his Twitter account @skullhong down today. The singer has answered an array of questions from fans in an apparently good mood, and then suddenly posted two messages about a group of fans called FT Gallery.

My gosh!! Those ftGallery or something like that, I heard a lot about you but when I saw it myself, I was about to hit and break my computer. Are you anti’s? keke I would like it if you blabbered while knowing. Can’t even confront you face to face…hu


Gallery friends, I understand what you are saying and your intention and I can empathize with the things you say but try to talk a little bit more prettier. I apologize for what I said ealier, I was a little bit altered. Just saying, but the world is not that easy to ignore, so therefore, you can’t do all the things you want your way. I am sorry and thank you. I know my words were harsh earlier!! Sorry

The very last message he posted before closing down the account read that he wished to have an SNS account, where he could freely post what he wanted:


Was I being too comfortable… I am uselessly thinking over music again. I am going to do an SNS where I can upload only about myself. Bye, Twitter.

His messages have been preserved on fan sites and at Flitto.

In related news, Honggi has opened a Weibo account on 29 September upon request from Chinese fans. The singer is currently filming Modern Farmer, while FTISLAND has just released its Japan Best – ALL ABOUT album with a Korean language MV for Freedom.

Translations: Hyerim Kim


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