G-Dragon moustache you something, ‘How do I look with a moustache?’

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On November 10th G-Dragon uploaded a quirky photo onto Twitter and asked for fans to tell him how he looked with the moustache.

“How do I look with a mustache?” He tweeted.

The photo showed G-Dragon wearing unique sunglasses with attached moustache. It’s a design that might not look to well on many people, but he pulled it off well, just like how a fashionista would be able to.

Netizens who saw this photo reacted like responded that “G-Dragon looks good with mustahce,” and that.”G-Dragon looks cute with moustache.” Another fan complimented the star’s ability to look good with the moustache. “Whatever he does he looks good and pulls it off.”

November has been labelled the official month for Movember where thousands of men around the world will be growing a moustache to raise awareness for men’s health. More information here.

What do you think about his moustache? Is there anything G-Dragon CAN’T pull off?

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