Girls’ Generation’s new nephew?

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Despite their busy schedule, the members of Girls’ Generation struck a pose and transformed into loving aunties for the child of comedian Byung Ki Soo. The comedian shared a photo on his me2day account of his son with the girls who seem to be enjoying their time with the baby. He wrote:

Our Eunjae’s lovesick over Girls’ Generation. Eunjae, you are lucky enough to have met me as a dad. Haha. Because of your dad, you now have the nine of the most beautiful aunts in the world!! Make sure to be good to dad later on! Always be healthy!”

Netizens commented on the photo:

Girls’ Generation as aunts…Eunjae, I’m jealous“

“Eunjae is lucky to have pretty and cute aunts“

“Girls’ Generation’s beauty. Daebak.”

Would you also like them to be aunts for your kids?

Sources (News and Photo): allkpop



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