Golden Child Teaches Us To Overcome Hardships Through “Breathe” MV

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A cheerful video, containing a conflict and the power of friendship reigning in the end, “Breathe” unfolds a story that we all can learn from.

After a set of surprise teasers, Golden Child dropped a special music video for the follow-up song “Breathe”. The boys will be switching to promoting the b-side track and to celebrate it, they prepared this gift for the fans, who continue to show their love and support for the group.

Golden Child

“Breathe” is a song that shows the lively energy of Golden Child and delivers a message of hope. For all the times that we struggle, there is always a way to overcome it and this is what the track tells us with its lyrics.

That exact message is also delivered in a touching way through the music video. The boys are seen practicing hard for a volleyball match and that task is undoubtedly stressful. It is when two members collide and things to go down, the outcome looking like a hopeless loss.

This is where their connection shines. The boys are not just teammates, coworkers, but also friends. Just like in their idol life, they showcase their bond and that they will stand by each other’s side and face the hardships together.

In addition, the video presents an energetic dance and the members in various styles. From the volleyball shorts uniform, to an innocent white shirt with jeans, until the stylish pieces of clothing, the idols show bright visuals no matter what they wear.

Meanwhile, the group is switching up from its powerful “Burn It” promotions to more cheerful stages in order to show the bright charm of the members. Golden Child will continue bringing joy to fans with their activity for “Breathe”.

Source: Woollim Entertainment

Image screenshot from “Breathe” MV