Golden Child’s Y And Joochan Take Over The Stage Of “Woollim The Live 3.5”

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A duet made of main vocals, Y and Joochan delivered an unforgettable experience in their lively cover for Woollim The Live.

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Golden Child members Y and Joochan participated in the latest season of Woollim The Live, 3.5. They sang as a duet, presenting an outstanding stage and synergy in their rock performance.

Y Joochan Woollim The Live

The idols chose DAY6’s song “Time of Our Life”, delivering their own unique charms through it. The duet showcased its powerful vocals, with Y showing off his unique high notes, while Joochan demonstrated his sweet tone. Overall, the musical chemistry between the two was overflowing during the whole performance.

In particular, they both showed off Golden Child’s main vocal skills while enjoying the stage. Fans were thrilled to see the unit cover of “main vocals” which they have been waiting for, for a long time.

In addition, the two spoke about their song choice. “We decided on ‘Time of Our Life’ because we both like it and we picked it because we thought we could convey the overwhelming feelings, just like we did for our song ‘Breathe’. It is the first time that we fill a band sound with just our two voices and I think the fans will like it.”

The videos continue to bring out impressive covers for fans everywhere to enjoy. Also, they allow individuals to shine and bring forth their striking vocal skills in a whole new light.

Woollim The Live is a special live video content that features the talented artists from Woollim Entertainment. They take on the stage to present various covers that haven’t been seen before.

New contents are uploaded onto the official Woollim The Live YouTube every Wednesday and Saturday.

Source: hankookilbo, Woollim Entertainment

Image credit: Woollim Entertainment