GOT7 Members Are The Cutest Juniors To 2PM’s Nichkhun During “KCON Thailand” Ending

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2PM x GOT7, everyone!

GOT7 members and 2PM’s Nichkhun showed what JYP bond is all about at the KCON Thailand where the boy group served as performers while Nichkhun hosted the event.



Fans noticed the adorable and heartwarming moment between the senior idol and his company juniors during the ending of the first ever offering of KCON in the country.

Like any other events, performers were called one by one back on stage to send their final greeting to the audience. GOT7 took the stage, bowed, and walked towards the front stage. But as the members were making their way forward, 2PM’s “Hands Up” began playing in the background, signaling Nichkhun’s entrance.

Instead of moving towards the front stage, the boys decided to drop everything, run back, warmly welcome Nichkhun, hype him, and walk with him.

Fans who saw the sweet moment commented on how cute and thoughtful the boy group members were.

“GOT7 hyping up Nichkhun is the highlight of my day,” wrote a Twitter user.

“I love this family,” wrote another Twitter user. Meanwhile, another Twitter user expressed how touched she was when the boys run back for the 2PM member, writing that her “heart bursted”.

For Twitter user @ahgase747, the moment got her in tears, considering that it was through 2PM that she got to know GOT7.

“2PM x GOT7 moments are always the best,” another Twitter wrote.

Truly, 2PM and GOT7 moments are really the best as the members are known to be supportive of each other.

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