GOT7 Jackson Reminds The World What Parents Need From Their Children

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He is so kind.

GOT7 recently just wrapped up its Hong Kong concert, which was held at Asia World-Expo arena on July 30. Its previous visits to the country were for the JYP Nation and fan meeting events. This time, it was for its first solo concert.

Because of the concert, Jackson, whose birthplace was Hong Kong, had the rare chance to reunite with his family that he hardly meets after he left to pursue a bigger dream in South Korea.

On August 1, Jackson uploaded a photo with his parents through his Instagram account. Along with it, he wrote a long, yet warm and inspirational post about what parents need from their children, and expressed love for his parents.

We always want to treat our parents good, use every possible ways, to make them happy. But what’s really happiness to our parents? In their perspective, what’s really happiness?

To our parents, happiness, isn’t something that you can buy, isn’t something that you can exchange with. It’s not about the Materialism, it’s not about the money. Even simple things that we do can make them happy, such as calling home often, contacting often, meeting often, being together often, every second every minute together is precious.

I know that we’re always busy, we’re all living different lives, all sorts of things waiting for us to sort out every day, all kinds of stress everyday.

Maybe just 5 minutes everyday, maybe a few text messages, a phone call asking “did you eat?”,  “what are you up to?”, “I miss you”, and “I love you” can bring happiness to our parents.

I love you mom and dad.

Have you shown your love to your parents today?

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