GOT7’s Junior Officially Promoted; Will Not Be A ‘Junior’ Anymore

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An important date when Junior is no longer a Junior.

The GOT7 member has started using Junior as his stage name since his days as a member of duo group JJ Project with JB.

On August 16, after three months hiatus on Twitter, Junior announced on his personal Twitter account that from today onward, he will promote as Jinyoung instead of Junior. Jinyoung is his real name, along with his family name Park. Naver has also changed his stage name to Jinyoung before he personally made the announcement.

His tweet stated:

From today onward, I will promote as Jinyoung, and not Junior. I will become a more hardworking Jinyoung. Please show me lots of support. Thank you.

In fact in July, fans have noticed a change in his Twitter alias. He changed his Twitter profile name from 주니어 (Junior) to 박진영 (Park Jin Young).


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