GOT7 Practice ‘If You Do’ In Their PJs

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As a reward for exceeding 10 million views on the music video for If You Do, GOT7 unveiled another special dance practice video to IGOT7s. This time the video stars the boys dancing in their dorm’s living room while dressed in their pyjamas!

The ‘IGOT7 Select Version’, was determined based on fans’ suggestions on what concept they would like GOT7 to have in their last dance-practice video.  The boys had a bit of a quest for views called the ‘YouTube Views Challenge’ during the If You Do promotions.  It seems that the fans were curious about GOT7’s living quarters.

The video, filmed by JB, also features a special appearance by GOT7’s pet dog Coco. The members execute the difficult choreography flawlessly, while acting like their usual fun-loving, dorky selves at the same time. Check out the dance practice video below:

Out of the three dance practice videos released for If You Do, which one is your favorite?

Editing by MaliVai Tjong Ayong

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