How this guy asked his crush out and charmed the internet

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A few days ago we shared this video on our Facebook page of a brave high school guy asking his crush out in front of his classmates, but how he did it was what surprised us.

The video starts off with his classmates cheering him on before he goes to the front of the class and dedicates a dance to the girl sitting at her desk.

After several moments of awesome dancing, he goes to sit down next to her and puts his arms around her. He returns back to the front of the class and continues to charm the girl with his dancing.

He then gets onto his knees and shapes a love heart with his hands while the girl is just slowly melting away. The guy then gets back up and turns around to write on the black board.

He writes: “Will you go out with me? ______” leaving a blank space for the girl to give her response.

The girl is then given the chalk and she gets up to write in the blank spot. “Yes,” the girl responds.

The class then just screams while the newly-made couple just awkwardly return to their seats. We didn’t even get a kiss.

A lot of our readers, especially female readers were in awe. We received an overwhelming response from girls who said they were jealous because they’d never get that treatment. Don’t give up hope just yet.


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