How To Dance to “The Beat” 101: A Lesson By Topp Dogg

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Topp Dogg has recently uploaded a choreography practice of the group’s latest title track The Beat, which features a lot of cool, fast-paced footwork. But now, here’s your chance to learn how to dance like Topp Dogg- with a handy tutorial produced by the boys themselves!

Members Xero, B-Joo, P-Goon, Hansol, Hojoon and A-Tom undertake the roles of dance teachers in the video, breaking down the core dance moves of The Beat so that budding dancers are able to get a better grasp of their complex choreography:

With the idols’ bubbly personalities and funny antics, anyone would have wished that he or she has personal dance teachers like Topp Dogg. Did the members’ tutorial help any readers to learn The Beat’s choreography?

(Editing by Adrian Cheng)

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