Hyun Bin Pens Encouraging Letter In Light Of Coronavirus Outbreak

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Showing how much he cares about the pressing Coronavirus scare, Hyun Bin took time to write a letter with an uplifting message

With the disease occuring worldwide and relatively on high alert in Asia, specifically China, Japan and Korea; Hyun Bin expresses his sincere worry for the safety of people. The letter is translated in four languages: Korean, Mandarin, Nihongo and English.

Hyun Bin

Inciting the drive to cheer up amidst the disheartening situation, he hopes that the health concern will be resolved soon. He also extends gratefulness to the people working hard to fight the virus.

Additionally, he wishes for the inflicted to overcome the illness. Ending his letter, he hopes for the readers of his letter to be safe and healthy from the virus as he prays for the worry to pass by.

Hyun Bin’s Letter

You might be spending day after day anxious and worrying over the Coronavirus disease 2019 which is occurring all over the world and throughout Asia including China and Japan as well as Korea. I’d like to ask after your health at least by writing to express my worry over whether the place you are at is safe.
Just as we’ve always overcome difficulties by cheering each other on despite difficult times, I hope the Coronavirus disease 2019 passes by as soon as possible.
I also appreciate those working tirelessly day and night to eradicate the virus, and I will cheer them on until the end. Furthermore, I sincerely wish the quick recovery of those suffering from its infection.
Again, I hope all those reading this are able to maintain their safety and health from the virus and I will pray this incident safely passes by.

February 21, 2020

After wrapping up his hit drama with Son Ye Jin, the actor opted to embark on his big screen comeback.

He is set to appear in a film with veteran actor Hwang Jung Min. The movie takes the story of the rescue operation of Korean abductees set in the Middle East.

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한국은 물론 중국, 일본을 포함한 아시아 전역과 전 세계에 발생한 코로나19 바이러스로 인해 불안과 걱정으로 하루, 하루를 보내고 계시리라 생각합니다. 여러분들이 계신 그곳은 안전 하신지 걱정스러운 마음에 글로나마…

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