iKON’s Bobby Makes Fans Shed Tears With Birthday Greeting For B.I On Instagram + Subtle Shout-Outs From DK And Yunhyeong

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Don’t touch us – we are still crying after seeing iKON’s Bobby and his message for B.I on his birthday.

iKON’s Bobby had let the world know how much he misses groupmate B.I with the short but sweet greeting he posted on Instagram!

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The love and friendship between iKON’s “double B” remain to be strong despite all the struggles that had come their way this year – and it showed as Bobby personally took to Instagram to deliver his birthday wishes for B.I before the night of October 22 came to an end.

Together with his message “I miss you, happy birthday”, Bobby shared a video of B.I’s fancam performing “Love Scenario” – the hit which further catapulted iKON into fame that B.I hardworkingly wrote. Moreover, his post was also liked by groupmates DK and Yunhyeong, showing OT7 iKON’s strong bond.

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DK also gave a subtle shout-out to B.I’s birthday on his Instagram stories, where he posted a photo of his groupmate’s birth flower.

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During their concert in Japan which was held on the same day, the boys also paid an ode to their groupmate in several ways – including Bobby not singing B.I’s part in their hit “Killing Me” and Jinhwan shouting “happy birthday” on stage.

These are amidst the investigations being held regarding the controversies that hounded the iKON member earlier in the year, which led to YG Entertainment terminating his contract.

Fans also celebrated the iKON leader’s birthday in various ways, including commemorating his hard work with the hashtag #BelovedHanbinDay which trended worldwide for the entire day. Some fans also showed their huge love for the iKON member by doing big projects in their own ways.

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Source: Bobby’s Official Instagram

Image Sources: Gregory Korea | Screengrab from DK’s Official Instagram Story


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