INFINITE’s Sungyeol shows off his unique airport fashion

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Celebrities’ airport fashion has always been a hot topic in the media. Idols and artists are always gearing up with their best attire as they meet fans and paparazzi at airports.

The latest airport fashion that has caught the eyes of the media is INFINITE‘s Sungyeol, who showed up in a… bathrobe! Despite this ‘unique’ approach, Sungyeol still managed to maintain his chic idol image with his well-groomed hair and large sunglasses.

In the pictures, the other members can be seen laughing, did Sungyeol lose a bet?

Check out the other pictures below!

What do you think of Sungyeol’s unique airport fashion?

Source: Ningin

Images: 910827-sy.comedum_7, as tagged in photos

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