IOI Feels It Is A ‘Shame’ To ‘Fire’ Manager

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The girls are so big-hearted.


After reports spread that IOI’s Yoo Yeon Jung was alleged to be shouted rudely by her manager, YMC Entertainment has responded later on the day with its official statement on this controversy.

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The agency apologized to fans and has since removed the manager in question to a desk job. It stated that it was the manager’s fault, no matter what the situation was. It continued to explain that usually managers are affectionate toward the group, like a big family. On this, IOI members felt that this is a shame now that the manager is fired from his position. However, from the management’s point of view, based on the escalation of the matter, it felt it was the best decision to make, so it was approved immediately.

Do you think YMC Entertainment has handled this matter well?

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