Jeong Sewoon & CRAVITY’s Wonjin Deliver A Beautiful Cover Of MONSTA X’s “Someone’s Someone”

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Experience the warm cover of “Someone’s Someone” completed by the talented singers Jeong Sewoon and CRAVITY’s Wonjin.

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Singer songwriter Jeong Sewoon and CRAVITY’s Wonjin have come together to gift fans a sweet cover of MONSTA X’s English track “Someone’s Someone”. The two’s voices seemingly blend together, creating perfect harmony with a beautiful result.

Jeong Sewoon CRAVITY Wonjin

Starship Entertainment posted the cover video on April 21. The released clip showed Sewoon and Wonjin working on recording the song. The two, who sang in a comfortable and natural manner, caught the eye with their smooth synergy and playful appearance.

The two received enthusiastic responses for covering their seniors’ song. They showed different emotions from the original track, instantly captivating the listeners.

“Someone’s Someone” is a track from MONSTA X’s first full-length English album ALL ABOUT LUV. It’s an impressive music piece that highlights the members’ beautiful harmony. In particular, the song was nominated for the “BEST K-POP” category at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.

Notably, Jeong Sewoon is a singer-songwriter recognized for his unique vocals and outstanding solo music work. His last released album 24 PART 2 captured a new side of his and proved his constant growth as a trending artist. He is actively engaged in various broadcasts and contents as well, such as SBS Mobidic’s web entertainment show Gomak Mate Season 3 and KBS Cool FM Kang Hanna’s Volume Up.

Wonjin belongs to the boy group CRAVITY, who celebrated its first anniversary on April 14 and also recently completed successful promotions for their third mini-album CRAVITY SEASON 3. HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE. The group also showed different charms through its own entertainment content CRAVITY PARK.

PR, Image & Video source: Starship Entertainment