Jeong Sewoon Gifts Fans With A Special “Neon” Cover For His 1000 Debut Days

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Jeong Sewoon celebrates 1000 days since his debut with a special song cover.

Jeong Sewoon reached his 1000 days since his debut. For the momentous occasion, he prepared a special song cover for his faithful fans.

Jeong Sewoon


Recently, Starship entertainment posted a video on their official YouTube and Naver V Live channels. It is a special video of Jeong Sewoon covering John Mayer’s song “NEON”.

The artist boasts a refreshing visual with a blue dandy costume in the colorful and black-and-white video. Presenting an emotional music performance, Sewoon sang “NEON” while playing the guitar.

The video starts with him focused on tuning his guitar. Capturing the eyes and ears of fans with his music check, he then proceeded to impress through the actual song.

In particular, his sweet voice blends to the accompaniment of the acoustic guitar which warmly envelop the hearts of listeners. Here, he manages to show his sensuous music sense and his top guitar-playing skills.

When he reached the peak of the song, near the end, he impressed with his clear high-notes and explosive voice.

The featured music is the song which made Sewoon dream of becoming a singer. Back in 2018, jTBC’s Begin Again 2 featured the idol busking in Portugal, which received positive feedback from domestic fans.

Jeong Sewoon debuted in August 2017 with the song “Just U”. Since then, he consistently showcase his wide musical range with the pleasant melody for “Baby It’s U”, the soft guitar song “20 Something”, the refreshing “Feeling” and the emotional ballad “When It Rains”.

He is also active in various entertainment programs. These include tvN’s 4 Wheeled Restaurant, EBS radio’s Listen and the program Eardrum Mate.

Meanwhile, Jeong Sewoon plans to pursue music and broadcasting ventures.

Jeong Sewoon

Source: Sports Donga, Starship YouTube

Image credit: Starship Entertainment