JYJ’s Junsu receives Best Musical Actor award

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JYJ member Junsu received the Best Musical Actor award at the 18th Korea Musical Awards on October 29. On the following day, he reflected on receiving the award and shared his thoughts online through Twitter. He wrote:

“The Best Musical Actor at the 18th Korea Musical Awards. I received it today. I could stand on stage, sing, attend such a great award ceremony, and receive the award as a musical actor.”

“I’ll try my best to become a good musical actor. I think I could receive this award because there were the staff and other musical actors who have supported me for the last three years. I’ll try to work harder, and I really appreciate my fans who support me all the time. Thank you so much and I love you.”

Upon receiving the award, Junsu felt grateful towards those who supported him in pursuing a musical acting career and thanked his band mates for being there for him. He said:

“Thank you so much. I’m not sure if I can receive this. I really appreciate Yoochun and Jaejoong, who supported me a lot when I started musical.”

Junsu was awarded for his impressive performances of the musical Elizabeth. Fellow cast member Ok Joo Hyun also received the award of Best Musical Actress for the same musical.

Sources: News – Star News; Photo – @1215thexiahtic

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