Kangin’s DUI Scandal Affects Other Super Junior Member?

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It seems right after Kangin’s DUI accident came to light, it might have affected his bandmates.


On Tuesday, after Kangin’s second DUI accident was confirmed through SM Entertainment’s statement, it was about the same time when fans realized member Heechul’s Instagram account was ‘gone’. Fans are seeing the ‘this page doesn’t exist’ message instead.

This isn’t the first time Heechul disappeared from the social media without a trace. Previously, he was known to have written angrily against sasaeng fans on Twitter, before deactivating his account.

Fans are now left wondering if the idol deactivated his Instagram account because he was ‘unhappy’ over Kangin’s accident, or for other reason.

What do you think of this action from Heechul? Is it appropriate or necessary?

In related news, netizens are now fiercely debating if Kangin deserves another chance, because he doesn’t seem to have learned from the first DUI offence. What do you think? Would you give him a chance again?

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  1. Matenne

    May 25, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    People need to give him a break, I know it bad what he did, but can we forgive him because of the other members, Come on ELE we are family, no matter what happens, we always stand with our family member. If we don’t forgive him, how will others forgive. Believe me they are very happy about this. All this bad comment I read on all kpop. We ELE should be able to protect. Hate me all you want. But am going to be there for my SUPER JUNIOR OPPA. You know what things happen, We ELE SHOULD be happy he didn’t kill anyone

  2. Karyn Buchecker

    May 25, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    Why would it even matter if Heechul deleted his instagram or not? How is that even relevant to Kangin’s DUI incident? Just because he went incognito on a social media may not mean anything. The more important topic at hand right now is about a person’s irrational decision to drive under the influence; moreover, a second DUI at that, could have potentially harmed himself/and or others. I think another person’s life, no matter how ridiculous their decisions may be, is entirely more important than any type of social media. Life is valuable and irreplaceable. Tomorrow is never guarenteed…so instead of worrying about a damn account being deleted, how about being thankful that no one was hurt or killed in that accident.

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