KARD’s BM Adorably Answers Candid Questions From Fans Through A Twitter Party!

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KARD’s BM made the fans day as he warmly and cutely responded various queries raised by their followers through twitter.

If you chanced upon the live tweets from KARD member BM earlier, we bet you were smiling how he wittily replied to  inquiries.

We wish he could answer hundreds questions more, but we love how we got a glimpse on trivial things about him that is so human as well as the positive outlook felt in the virtual conversation.

Voted as one of the world’s most handsome face, BM just showed how he has great personality and smarts to boot aside from his dreamlike visuals.

Here are some cute moments and fan interactions from hanging out with BM early this afternoon.


photocredit: DSP Media

BM responding to getting-to-know-him questions

Q: Language you want to learn?

BM: “Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese”.

Q: Your greatest fear?

BM: “Not trying, not being a better version of myself, and the DARK”.

Q: Do you watch any dramas? If so what are you watching right now?

BM: “I’m trying to find a good one. Any suggestions?” Seize the opportunity guys drop by at KARD official twitter account for any recommendations for him. * wink

Q: Which of your dances is the most difficult to learn?

BM: “Oh Nana, since it was the first one. Man that one was hard.”

Q: What’s your favorite Disney movie?

BM: “Aladdin! and Lilo & Stitch.”

Q: What’s your favorite song at the moment?

BM: “Nowadays I listen to a lot of Pryde. But I’ve been tuning hard to LEMONADE- Rihanna and Pharell.”

Q: Who is your favorite superhero?

BM: “THOR BECAUSE HE’S BUFF. I’m trying to get on his level.”

Q: How’s your 2018 so far?

BM: “Bro, its AWESOME. Having trouble keeping a diet but other than that, MAD POSITIVITY. What about you?”

The dapper artist expressed appreciation to fans’ invites to visit their countries along with grateful words on their fond memories on the places that they visited.

Responding to a fan request for a birthday greeting, we can notice how he paid attention to the birthday greeting details:

KARD is set to embark on their Asia Tour this year, covering five countries from January to February. The fan initiated event is made possible by MyMusicTaste.

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Seems like BM enjoyed his quick fan session just as much as his fans did. So watch out for KARD’s next social media adventure!

Famous even before officially debuted in July 2017, KARD released three project singles “Oh Nana”, “Don’t Recall”, and “Rumor”, which ranked well on the world charts. They also staged impressive concert stage in North America and Europe last year.

The quartet builds their exciting fanbase through their intoxicating music, ranging from EDM, Moombahton and Dance Hall. The group recently dropped their second EP You & Me, with song “You in Me” serving as the main track.

Here’s KARD’s “Oh Nana” to brighten up your mood!



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