What Do Koreans Think Of EXO? Answer: “If You Don’t Know EXO In Korea, You’re A Spy”

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EXO is EXO for a reason.

The days are numbered before the most-anticipated comeback of South Korean boy group EXO takes place. The hype is on. The YouTube views and Twitter shares of the members’ teasers are speaking volumes of how excited EXO-Ls are.

But what does the general Korean public think about EXO?


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YouTubers Danny and David Kim of DKDKTV took the liberty to answer that question to satisfy people’s curiosity through the video “What do Koreans thinks of EXO?” The duo went to ask random people in the streets for their thoughts on one of the biggest Korean boy groups of their generation.

Danny and David kicked off their interview with the basic question “Do you know EXO?” This was responded with a resounding “yes” by the interviewees. A group of girls from Cambodia also pointed out that the nine-member boy group is popular in their country.

However, the answer of one 16-year-old boy stood out among all the responses. “If you don’t know EXO in Korea, you’re a spy,” he said.

The words “Hallyu star”, “cool” and “handsome” were used by the citizens to describe their first thoughts on EXO.


The skills and talents of the SM entertainment group are also recognized, stating that the huge number of members played to their advantage as they can appeal to the people through the various charms of the members. “Compared to other male idols, they’re good at both singing and dancing,” one said.

The number of fans of EXO was also named a strength of the boy group. One even commented, “Diss EXO, you instantly die. Diss EXO in the comments, your life ends there.”

Among EXO’s songs, its 2013 hit song “Growl” from its XOXO album was named the favorite song from most of the people asked.

EXO’s rapper Chanyeol was also the most popular member during the interview.

David and Danny also tackled the issue on people’s comment of sending EXO to the military in place of a certain individual. Asked to comment on it, the citizens said that EXO’s popularity and success led to jealousy from other people. “Because of EXO, other groups can’t get famous,” one said.

For the last question, the duo asked the citizens to choose among EXO, BTS and BIGBANG. Most of the interviewees chose YG Entertainment’s boy group among the three though.


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